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Super Power U: Mental Models and Tactical Skills To Activate Your Inner Superhero

Jun 21, 2018

There’s a reason our guest today is nicknamed the “Indiana Jones of the dream world.” Katherine Lawson is a doctoral student in the Mind-Body Medicine Degree Program at Saybrook University and a certified Embodiment Imagination practitioner. She is a woman on a mission to shift the current state of conventional medicine to a more holistic and integrative place for those suffering. Katherine shares how the grief and loss in her own personal life led her to follow her calling to become a healer, specializing in dream work and helping people explore what they need to bring into their waking life. She also talks about her current work with cancer patients and their family, and her upcoming programs to reach even more people with her important message.

Receiving Guidance From Your Dreams — DailyOM

Dreams Heal

  • “I’m certainly someone that tends to view some of the best healers that I know as wounded healers, and I count myself in that tribe.”
  • “You have to either go under as the result of tremendous amount of trauma and grief, or you have to try and make meaning. Meaning making led me to go deeper in my path in the field of psychology.
  • “I’ve been able to find meaning in unbearable pain and sadness.”
  • “Our dreams are working in service to us if we can figure out how to listen.”

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