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Super Power U: Mental Models and Tactical Skills To Activate Your Inner Superhero

Feb 22, 2018

This week's episode features Kacy Qua who left school at age 13 to begin self-directed learning. After a New York City banking internship at 17, getting into an Ivy League school and earning an MBA, she joinedThe XPrize Foundation to help incent innovators to solve the world's biggest problems regardless of their resume qualifications. On top of all that, Kacy started an apprenticeship company and has recently completed a book called "Burn The Ladder: Essential Questions for a Purpose-Driven Career".  


  • 0:58 Leaving school at 13
  • 5:57 "What isn't taught in school?"
  • 10:14 The most valuable thing every person should know
  • 12:24 The XPrize Foundation, Peter Diamandis
  • 18:38 Qualifier; demonstrated skills and application
  • 20:21 Kacy's Superpower; Reasoning through First Principles
  • 21:04 Asking good questions; Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos
  • 26:07 Self-directed learning; Sugata Mitra and SOLE groups
  • 29:47 Purpose; Ikigai; The Search for Self is social
  • 32:49 Authentic connection as a competitive advantage;
  • 40:37: Kacy's new book, "Burn The Ladder"
  • 42:47 Family, relationships kids & the crumbling of binary perspectives

Resources and Resources:

Kacy Qua's Home on the Web

Kacy Qua on Medium including "Enough Complaining: Do Something" 

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Resources and Resources: