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Super Power U: Mental Models and Tactical Skills To Activate Your Inner Superhero

May 24, 2018

Most Americans are fearful of death! And our collective resistance to talking about is in the way of making compassionate care increasingly available.  Lisa talked with Dr. Sandy Buchman --who was her mother's home hospice doctor-- about being a life-long learner and creating a free student-run highschool with other dropouts, how birth and death are natural and should be seen as community events, and using his Super Power of Compassion in Action in his work supporting the dying and their families in their homes and on the streets. 


  • The difference between palliative care and hospice.
  • Sandy's belief that his good fortune and privilege require that he give back
  • How in the 1970's Sandy and other dropouts started their own accredited school, high school in Toronto.
  • Sandy early career began with the home birthing movement and he sees birthing and dying not so much as medical events but as social events.
  • The challenges of working with the homeless population in Toronto and the desperate need for support for that community


“I always felt an obligation to pay it forward and pay it back. We have a mandate and social responsibility to improve lives.”

“I see birthing and dying not so much as medical events but as social events.”

“I base everything on the principle of autonomy.”

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