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Super Power U: Mental Models and Tactical Skills To Activate Your Inner Superhero

Mar 8, 2018

Christine Peterson and I talked about SO many different things.  I shouldn't be surprised since we're both such generalists with wide-ranging interests.  We cover her experience at MIT, her inclination towards making a difference in the world, space colonization and space tourism, nanotechnology and the longevity movement. If that's not enough, we celebrate the power of learning to give public talks, work-life balance, Christine's secret to improved sleep and her unusual approach to finding a life partner.  Wow!  
You can read the SHOW NOTES or join us to discover:
  • How Christine's uses her Super Power and her framework for creating change in the world
  • The 2 most powerful things you can to leverage your career in the early stages or at pivot point
  • Why Balance is important and demanding a living wage is critical
  • Christine's favorite Quantified Self sleep tool
  • How to access Christine's Ebook on Finding a Life Partner