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Super Power U: Mental Models and Tactical Skills To Activate Your Inner Superhero

Mar 1, 2018

This episode is Lisa's first minisode, the Motivating Power of your "WHY" and it starts with a brief review of S.M.A.R.T. goals.  Refresher? Check out Lisa's guest post for TechMama's on Tips For Family Goal Setting. 
The Bad News is that achieving goals is difficult. Change is uncomfortable.  If you have a goal, you're going to have to work, get off the couch, turn off Facebook, say no to drinks after work or go to the gym when you'd rather have a snack.  I know!  Bummer!  So...
Gimme a Good Reason.  That's what we need to get past the discomfort. What's YOUR Reason? Maybe you think you already know, that it's obvious.
But Here's a Warning. Your WHY will be less effective if it's powered by shame or avoidance, or a "should". White-knuckling can work for a while but may not stick and negative language like reason's including "not" and "don't" generally fail too as Lisa mentioned in Super Power U Episode #4.
A Powerful WHY is inspiring or exciting, reflects where you're headed, where you want to go, the person you want to be and the life you want generates a feeling of adventure, pride, accomplishment, contribution, celebration, or inspiration and makes you feel good
Three messages about the Power of WHY from Tony Robbins RPM system, Simon Sinek's Power of Why and Rachel Hart's Compelling Reason.  One of them might resonate more with you.  Hint: They all highlight the WHY as a central power point.  Lisa's favorite is from Rachel:
"A compelling reason is exciting, it captures your attention, it makes you think, I want to do this, I want to go for it. When you have a compelling reason, you're like, okay, when do we start? A compelling reason compels you to action, that's why it's called a compelling reason."  - Rachel Hart
See Full Show Notes or Listen in to today's show to find out how to find your WHY and to hear a personal example from Lisa as she sets out to reincorporate her Goal of Intermittent Fasting (either a weekly 36-hour fast or a daily 18:6 fast) and follow along as she reviews how she uses the Knowing Your Why process to get excited about achieving that goal.