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Super Power U: Mental Models and Tactical Skills To Activate Your Inner Superhero

Mar 20, 2020

An overview of the top-level suggestions from experience homeschooling parent, educational supervisors, ed tech investors and home learners for families facing school closures as a result of the Covit-19 Coronavirus Outbreak and resulting SF Bay area Shelter-in-Place.
My personal top-level takeaways. I will also be compiling and sharing actionable ideas:
  1. This is a sanctioned opportunity to connect with and learn about your self and your love ones (of all ages) and find glimmers and sparks of your innate love of learning. (Put the acquisition of content on hold as much as possible.)
  2. Adopt a parent-as-consultant model rather than parent-as-manager.  Get curious about, and with your kids and co-create your learning environment and plan.
  3. Focus on meta-learning and meta-cognition skills now (and always) because learning how to learn is the most relevant and useful skill you can strengthen in yourself and scaffold for your kids.  (I'll be sharing more on this in the next few days.)
  4. Now is the time to put your attention on what you value, remember or identify your priorities, ask what is needed and how you can serve and bring good.  This query is a great learning topic to share with kids.
  5. If you're not sure of how much or how little structure to request or expect use my model of Consumption = Creation = Contribution.  Try to ensure that you and your kids are doing all three in relatively equal measures.
  6. Expand your understanding of what appropriate structure could and should look like.
  7. Use the skills you know and find useful in your adult life at home and with your kids.  Teach them productivity, communication skills, and any content expertise you are excited about. Leave the things you dislike about regular work at work.  Embrace and use the opportunity to soften all of the edges that generally create conceptual and actual walls.  All ages together, blending of work/learning/home/family, customization, pivoting as needed.  So much possibility.

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