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Super Power U: Mental Models and Tactical Skills To Activate Your Inner Superhero

Mar 13, 2020

Jason McClain has been studying advanced models of interpersonal communication and personal development and applying them to real-world situations for over 25 years. He talks with Lisa about his company Evolutionary Companies and his work as an Evolutionary Guide, and how he works with clients to accelerate their personal and professional evolution. Jason shares some takeaways and wisdom from working with over 500 clients in their individual evolution, what NLP is, why it can help us move forward in life, and what healthy boundaries look like with the spiritual teacher/student relationship.  

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  • A big shift for Jason in his life was realizing that he loves being of service, and whatever makes an individual sad, happy, fearful, and hopeful is relative to their unique situation. 
  • Jason is a vipassana meditator and has been on nine 10-day silent meditation retreats. He is an NLP master and holds NLP training classes and courses through his website.
  • Jason prefers to use the term “evolutionary guide” instead of coach, because he truly guides through stages, standing shoulder to shoulder. 
  • Jason saw a profound shift when he opened up and spoke freely of his own experience in prison, and people appreciated the honesty and authenticity. 
  • Great and ethical leaders have the responsibility of identifying and upholding boundaries. 
  • One way to steer the conversation more towards growth and understanding between males and females is to stop blaming every problem in the world on masculinity and start having an open dialogue with clear boundaries between each other. 
  • The Four Agreements are the foundation of any healthy relationship: 
  1. Tell the truth, value truth, and prioritize truth over comfort.
  2. We don’t hold each other to agreements we have not made. 
  3. If you are upset, make a request. 
  4. You are responsible for your own experience. 
  • One of Jason’s many Super Powers is seeing people even deeper than they can see themselves, and predicting outcomes of situations before they occur. 


“You really can overcome everything, it’s all about mindset.”

“If you are scared to say it, it’s definitely the thing to say.” 

“Language really does structure our experience.” 

“There isn’t enough positive acknowledgment in the world.” 

“What’s next is always better.” 

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