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Super Power U: Mental Models and Tactical Skills To Activate Your Inner Superhero

Dec 19, 2019

Wow!  Today we're celebrating 100 Episodes.  This is a super sweet celebration and intimate conversation between Lisa and Jacki Rigoni.  They talk about lessons learned, challenges, and of course Super Powers and strengths.

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Dec 12, 2019

Reka Kaponay is a young writer and author who has traveled the world with her parents and twin brother on a “School of Life” journey. Reka talks about what it means to be a world schooler and explains her model of freedom, self-direction, and adventure in education. She also shares the inspiration behind her own...

Dec 5, 2019

Sumiyo Hori joins the show today to share the pretty unusual experiences over the past 96 years she has been on this planet. Sumiyo is a former operator at Bell Canada, a resident of the Japanese Canadian Internment Camps in World War II, and also happens to be Lisa’s Great Aunt. She talks about her schooling both in...

Nov 29, 2019

A brief personal series of thoughts on Thanksgiving 2019.  Here are the writings and video referenced:
If you're interested in doing a free 5-Day Challenge with me the last five days of 2019 starting on December 27th called Completion Creation please send me an email to with the subject line "I'm IN...

Nov 21, 2019

Angela Raspass is a Next Chapter business and life mentor. She supports women in the transition to the Next Chapter of their careers and shares why her desire to pivot into the emerging market of coaching was one of the best decisions she has ever made. She opens up about the unwavering emotional support she received in...