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Super Power U: Mental Models and Tactical Skills To Activate Your Inner Superhero

May 30, 2019

Today was supposed to the episode on which I reported back on my body transformation project but the truth is that I completely lost my way on the experiment and I've been processing both what it means to fail and how I want to go forward.
I set myself an intention to enter into a body practice in order to get stronger and build some muscle.  I decided on specific criterion and process and then I got busy and distracted and I didn't do any of the practices I'd planned for myself.  Even after I had a false start and I cut myself slack and started over again in week 2 but then I still did not do anything I intended.  I think what I realized is that all transformation, certainly all physical transformation has to begin from the inside out.  Everything has to start with internal connection and I didn't feel like I started with enough of that.  My guest China Brooks said that you need a practice of quiet in order to achieve goals and so I'm thinking of trying inner self-connection through simple meditation and daily dance for fun and play. 
I now know that I need to find a physical practice that is also really fun. Motivation and discipline just do not work for me.  And the other thing I decided to do was to reconsider my Intermittent Fasting experiment which was outlined originally on episode #23 with monthly updates on episodes #27, 31 and 35.  So today's show is a redux of those episodes in combination so the details of the entire three months experiment all in one place to hopefully encourage and inspire me and possibly others too.  

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